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Various Satellite Projects

Establishment of Satellite Center for Feeding Program of Malnourished Children in Tondo Using Structured Lipids (SL) from Coconut Oil

SL-enhanced chocomix drink was prepared and given to the children with varying levels of malnutrition. SL-enhanced drink showed slight advantage over leading brand in terms of recovery from nourishment. There was also lesser incidence of sickness in children taking SL-enhanced drinks.

Establishment of Satellite Laboratory for the Small Scale Production of Sugar from Coconut Sap

The technology of tapping inflorescence from coconut sap for sugar production was introduced in Kidapawan, North Cotabato. A small building with cooking and other facilities was constructed.

Field Planting Establishment of Embryo-Cultured Makapuno Seedlings in Brgy. Del Rosario, Pilar, Sorsogon

This project aims to develop a model farm that will showcase the different technologies on makapuno production. Using the seedlings procured from PCA-Albay Research Center, a 10-hectare makapuno plantation in Brgy. Del Rosario was established. So far, it is the biggest all-makapuno plantation in the country. The makapuno trees are already producing about 730 makapuno nuts per month and these are sold to processors either in Laguna or Cavite. Presently, there are about 887 trees planted in the whole area. The average makapuno nut harvested per bunch is 95%.

Coconut mutant called “lono” is also planted in the area. The experimental lono coconut trees are being evaluated and monitored for their commercial viability. Lono is filled with water and its meat is softer, much smoother and tastier than that of the makapuno. However, just like the makapuno, lono rarely occurs in bunches of the ordinary coconut.

The makapuno seedlings in the field are also intercropped with pili, pineapple and ube.

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