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Completed Projects

Annotated Compilation of Philippine Coconut Laws
February 1, 1976

A concise, compact, and comprehensive guide to the laws and regulations affecting the coconut industry in the Philippines, the handbook, authored by Perfecto V. Hernandez was tailored to meet the requirements of laymen engaged in the industry. Major items contained are state regulations and developmental programs, laws on coconut production, processing, and trade.

Coconut Drying Central
August 1, 1976

The advantage of using Kukum (indirect layer) over the PHILCOA-type direct dryer was emphasized, with recommendations on the use of the former.

Coconut Drying and Milling into Edible Oil and Flour

A village-type system was developed for processing fresh nuts into flour and edible oil for commercialization.

Techno-economic Feasibility Studies on Coconut Oil Chemical Derivatives
September 15, 1976

A selected product mix, which includes lauryl alcohol, sodium lauryl sulfate, methyl esters, and refined glycerine, was produced out of the rated capacity of 36,000 megatons of coconut oil per year giving an average ROI ranging from 10.25% to 12.97%.

Microbiology of Copra
May 8, 1978

Preservatives and fungicides are not effective protectants against insects and fungal contaminants on coconut meat. The study was an attempt to come up with some fungicide and chemical preservatives which can keep copra free of molds for sometime during storage.

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