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Best Paper on Coconut

This project was launched in 1996 as part of the annual scientific conference of the Federation of Crop Science Societies of the Philippines (FCSSP). Various scientific papers from local scientists are presented and judged in a special session during the conference. Cash prizes are given and winning entries are published in the Philippine Journal of Coconut Studies (PJCS).

Comparative Analysis of Two Y3 Media Formulation Based on Chemical Grade (for makapuno embryos)

Media formulations vary depending on the requirements for growth of a particular crop. Chemicals and hormones are provided for optimum development of in vitro grown plants. In most tissue culture laboratories, reagent grade chemicals are used with the assumption that high purity would yield best results. Based on the assays of the reagents and technical grade chemicals, the difference in their purity is about 3%. Thus, the incorporation of technical instead of reagent grade chemicals will reduce the cost of media up to 80%.

Determination of Appropriate Embryo Splitting Technique

Makapuno embryo culture is limited by the production of only one plantlet per embryo inoculated. Media modification and improvement of nursery management are currently being done to increase survival rate of in vitro brown plantlets. On method to possibly double the efficiency of the technique is by splitting the embryo. Consequently, this will reduce the price of in vitro grown seedlings.

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