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Publications is undertaken by the Information and Publications Department which functions as the corporate communication arm of PCRDF. It takes on a variety of tasks which involve everything from writing, editing, and designing of publications to organizing and facilitating seminars and special events, as well as internal communications, public and media relations, and information technology.

In line with the thrusts in coconut R&D being pursued by the Foundation and in the context of significant industry issues and concerns, the group undertakes the following projects:

Publication of Scientific Journal: The Philippine Journal of Coconut Studies
PCRDF Newscope
PCRDF Technocalendar
Library and Documentation
Best Paper on Coconut
Coconut Industry Policy Studies
Setting up a Coconut Database (A UCAP, PCRDF, PCA and BAS Project)

In addition, the group also prepares occasional papers and publications, and works on other related projects aimed to deliver significant messages concerning the coconut to varied target audiences.