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Different Modules

The PCRDF Central Laboratory houses five modules, namely: the Microbiology &Biotechnology module, Product Research & Development, Embryo/Tissue Culture, the Analytical Chemistry module and the Pilot plant. Each module is dedicated to different areas of basic and applied coconut research. The COCOLAB also offers technical assistance and services to the industry.

Microbiology and Biotechnology

The Microbiology and Biotechnology module monitors the microbial stability of food and non-food products developed in the laboratory, specifically the Product Development module. It also develops antimicrobial products from coconut using microorganisms and enzymes. The microbiologist maintains a collection of bacteria some of which are used for the analysis of products.

Product Development Module

The module aims to develop marketable products and transfer technology to coconut users. It focuses on the food and non-food application of coconut.

Embryo/Tissue Culture

The Embryo / Tissue Culture Module conducts research on the improvement of the growth of makapuno and normal coconut in vitro. PCRDF's Central Laboratory has a 98% makapuno germination rate. The over-all success rate of makapuno propagation is 76%.

Analytical Chemistry

The Wet Chemistry and Instrumentation sections comprise the Analytical Chemistry Module of COCOLAB. The chemist conducts different physical and chemical analyses and synthesis of materials using highly-advanced and precise instruments