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Coconut Methyl Ester as an Alternative Fuel
Health Benefits of Virgin Coconut Oil Explained
The Use of Organic Fertilizer in Coconut (A Research Note)
Growth Response of Coconut Seedlings from Seednuts Collected from Palms Fertilized with NaCl (Common Salt)
The Coconut as a Renewable Energy Source
Atherosclerosis and Lipids
Utilization of Coconut Coir Dust (Cocopeat) for Plants: A Critical Review
Methods of Estimating Coconut Yields
Coconut Oil: An Antibacterial, Antiviral Ingredient
A Comparative Study of the Antimicrobial Activity of Monolaurin in Combination with Ethanol versus 70% Ethyl Alcohol in Hand Antiseptic Gels
Virgin Coconut Paring Oil: A Natural "Structured" Dietary Lipid