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Ongoing Projects

PCRDF Central Laboratory

From being a mere funding agency from 1975-1989, PCRDF started conducting in-house scientific researches in 1990. And to augment the capabilities and expertise of the PCRDF technical staff in conducting the in-house projects, the PCRDF Central Lab was put up in 1996. The Central Laboratory houses state-of-the-art research facilities broken up into four functional modules and a Pilot Plant.

Field Planting Establishment of Embryo-Cultured Makapuno in Brgy. Del Rosario, Pilar, Sorsogon

Makapuno commercial viability has never been conducted to assure its potential. A 10-hectare makapuno plantation in Brgy. Del Rosario was established using the seedlings from PCA-ARC to determine its commercial viability. Intercropping with Pili is also being done to determine its effect on makapuno performance in terms of growth and yield.

Local and International Meetings/Seminars, Workshops, Conventions, Conferences

PCRDF personnel are sent to participate in conventions, conferences, seminars, workshops (local and international), and other relevant meetings as part of their continuing education and training program. Since human resource is an asset that must be developed, they are given the chance to attend gatherings, which may vary from highly technical discussions to non-technical ones that are directly or indirectly related to the coconut industry.

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