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Ongoing Projects

Publication of “The Philippine Journal of Coconut Studies”
May 1, 1976

Since 1976, the PCRDF through “The Philippine Journal of Coconut Studies” (PJCS) has been publishing issues which contained original and review papers on all aspects of agricultural and industrial researches on coconut. PJCS is a product of the Foundation’s efforts to stimulate the development of scientific knowledge relevant to the needs of the coconut industry, to serve as a link and a forum of discussion among various parties interested in the research aspects of the industry, to provide technical and non-technical information to farmers for adoption in their own farms, and to serve as a reference and educational material.

Makapuno Embryo Culture – In-house

The project aimed to mass produce embryo-cultured makapuno seedlings and showcase the technology in order to facilitate the dissemination of good, disease-free, makapuno embryo-cultured seedlings. It also aimed to determine the success rate and other factors in splitting makapuno embryo, to determine the effects of using technical grade reagents in the formulation of culture media, and to identify the effect of various concentrations of hormones and sugar on growth and development of makapuno embryos.

PCRDF Human Resource and Development
October, 1997

Since PCRDF has transformed itself into a research institution, technical personnel were recruited to work at various sections of the Central Laboratory. Other HRD programs include orientations, training, in-house seminars, and organizational and system development. Also, PCRDF tries to put a high premium on effective training. The foundation believes that researchers must possess ample and advanced technical or scientific knowledge, skills, and techniques to be relevant and acceptable in their respectable discipline or tasks.

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